The Unit has an installed capacity of about 24336 Spindles producing 100% cotton combed Hosiery yarn, Knitted Fabrics & Garments. The mill uses only good quality Cotton. Such good quality raw cotton stock is always maintained so as to ensure good quality of yarn.

The Company has installed latest machines such as LMW Blow room with Auto bale plucker, Imported Truetzchler-03 Card, Trumac TC 5-3 Card, LMW LC 300A V3 carding machines with chute feed systems and imported RIETER D-35,D-40 Draw frame with autolevellers which enables production of good quality yarn. With an eye on the Hosiery and fine combed counts, the latest version of LMW make LK64 combers are installed to produce good quality of combed hosiery yarn to meet

customer's requirements. LMW and KTTM Long frames with auto doffer and SUESSEN make Elite Compact sets are installed to produce compact yarn. The total yarn produced is conditioned and then only supplied to the customers.

The Company has also installed the latest model imported Schlafhorst 338 & Murata 21C auto coners and PAILUNG knitting machines to knit fabric in the premises of the company itself.

The company has installed six wind turbines for Captive Consumption, with a total capacity of 4.45 MW for wind based power generation. To meet the requirement of power during power interruptions and power cuts, the Company has also installed standby generator.


Equipped with Quality control equipments such as PREMIER HFT 9000 (High Volume Fibre Tester) for Measurement of cotton properties, Length, Strength, Mic & Colour and PREMIER iQ Qualicenter +H + Nc for measurement of Unevenness, Imperfection, Spectrogram and automatic analysis for both cotton & Yarn testing and Statex for yarn count, CSP, T.P.I, etc., the Company's Laboratory takes care of testing of cotton and yarn to ensure quality assurance.