100% Cotton Yarn Ne 10/1 to Ne 80/1 For Knitting and Weaving Application made from Premium Quality Cotton
100% Viscose Blended Yarn Ne 10/1 to Ne 80/1 For Knitting and Weaving Application
Ployester Cotton Yarn Ne 10/1 to Ne 80/1 100% cotton regenerated yarn for towel weaving and fleece knitting
Ring Spun Yarn Ne 10/1 to Ne 80/1 Suitable For High speed knitting and weaving.
Compact Yarn Ne 10/1 to Ne 80/1 Made on Suessen Elite, Germany for weaving

SALONA specializes in producing 100% cotton combed hosiery yarn and compact yarn with count ranging from 20s to 40s from 24336 spindles. The mill keeps upgrading its existing machinery in order to produce the ultimate quality yarn adhering to international market standards.

The cotton used in the spinning process is selected carefully for manufacturing yarn of best quality and productivity consistently. For maintaining the premium quality free from

contamination, the process has two types of Contamination control at Blow Room and Auto coner before packing in cartons & bags.


The Mill strictly observes a programme of machine maintenance and follows preventive maintenance schedules carried by the team of skilled maintenance technicians having expertise and experience. Maintenance schedules are prepared as per the manufactures recommendations and recommendations by Textile Research Institutes.

The management also carries sorting out maintenance difficulties at floor level to achieve zero breakdown level by adopting the best preventive maintenance practices-favorable for minimizing the manufacturing cost, minimizing the process waste.

The mill can of boast of very minimal machine breakdowns with 98 percentage machine utilization.

The unit has an Automatic Humidification plant supplied by Coimbatore ABC control system. The management ensures that required RH is maintained in all the departments to ensure consistency of quality and work pattern.

The mill employs sufficient personnel- both staff and workers who can face all tasks, willingly and patiently. At each stage the staffs are entrusted with complete responsibilities and authority so as to deliver best performance. Production workers are recruited in different departments with compulsory periodic training. It has established a training wing for continuous training for updating and monitoring of its employees' skills.

Records of each employee is maintained relating to attendance, productivity and conduct. Employees are provided with free accommodation, water and power and food is provided at subsidized rates. A recreation centre has also been established for their cultural activities. The mill also provides medical assistance to all employees on free of cost.

Safety of personnel is the company's top priority and it is committed to providing an accident free environment for employees involved in the manufacturing process and shares responsibility of safe operation, conforming strictly to all safety regulations and legislation. The company adheres to the group insurance scheme to all employees.

The company's finished products such as Combed Hosiery Yarn & Knitted fabrics have good demand in domestic and export markets. Major quantity is sold in the Tirupur Hosiery market. Major customers are Exporters of apparels.

Salona makes direct and merchant sales for Export of Yarn & Fabrics to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, South Korea, Germany, Mexico, South America, Russia etc.,