Salona Group Yarn & Fabrics

Salona Grey fabrics – Well above the ordinary

Salona Knitting Mills produce a wide range of textile apparels to suit diverse needs of the consumer. Salona Grey Fabrics cater to daily wear, leisure wear and outer wear ranges. The yarn & blends are customized to suit the relevant application.

Dyed & Printed Fabrics –Salona’s yet another feat

As a measure to assimilate the global demands and apparel trends, Salona has established itself as a supplier of all kinds of Printed & Dyed Fabrics. The main features in this segment include.

  • Fabrics made of natural fibres, synthetic yarns or filament yarns.
  • Customized fabric development based on request.
  • Persistent superior quality & unmatched knitting standards.
  • Large range of fabric widths and gauges.
  • Zero defective goods, 100% fabric inspection.
  • 5 decades of expertise in the industry
  • Technically advanced knitting machines
  • Grey Fabrics cater to daily wear, leisure wear and outer wear ranges
  • Dyed & Printed Fabrics : Zero defective goods, 100% fabric inspection Fabric supply for Knitwear apparels, Clothing, Work wear & Leisure wear

Product Range

First slide Fleece 2/3 Thread
Guage - 24
Dia - 18 to 36
First slide French Terry
Guage - 20
Dia - 18 to 36
First slide Full/Mini Jacquard
Guage - 24, 28
Dia - 30, 34
First slide Interlock/Double Knit
Guage - 24, 28
Dia - 24 to 36
First slide RIB -Single/Double
Guage - 18
Dia - 16 to 36
First slide Single Jersey
Guage - 20, 24, 28, 32
Dia - 18 to 36

Quality of raw materials

Salona has 5 decades of expertise in the industry with an expert team to select the best raw material as it is the foundation in creating the best yarn.

Appropriate yarns for different applications

Salona has an experienced team to understand the purpose and recommend the appropriate yarn blend. The core purpose governs the yarn blend. The adept team contrives the ideal & beneficial mixture of blends. Our leading technology machineries fortified by the seasoned knitting standards aid us in crafting the further processes to deliver the promised quality effortlessly.

The impeccable crew of Salona

The impeccable crew of staff & workers of Salona excel in producing the best products with zero defect. They specialize in creating customized yarn blends with the technically advanced knitting machines. Salona’s products stand a testimony of Versatility

Stringent Quality inspection Techniques

Our quality inspection techniques are stringent and eventually every square centimeter of fabric is scrutinized. The flaws on the Grey fabrics are apparently brought to sight by the daylight. Our sophisticated knitting standards and the unmatched quality control do not allow flaws in any of the processes. Salona Fabrics get the upper hand owing to the flawless production.

Main Features

  • Individual color selection by the customer.
  • Appropriate dyeing processes that correspond to the selected fibres, intended usage and required authenticity standards.
  • Printed or washed fabrics for the respective purposes.
  • Relevant treatments based on fabric applications.
  • Salona has a warehouse to store your finished goods and to deliver on demand in the required quantities as required.
  • Fabric supply for Knitwear apparels, Clothing, Work wear & Leisure wear.

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