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At Salona, quality is not an act, it is a habit

The quality of products & services at Salona are remarkable. The persistent quality has been a result of the technically advanced machinery & the systemized execution of processes by the proficient team.

Quality is always the result of excellent work but as a customer you completely agree only after the performance of the product is tested. At Salona, we meticulously inspect every square centimetre of our fabrics for irregularities and flaws. Samples are created and tested for customized fabrics & blended yarns created for specific customers. Salona regularly invests in advanced trainings for the staff and in the optimization of our business & official certifications in all important fields as an affirmation to quality.

At Salona, we make more than just a yarn Salona yarn is crafted for quality;contrived to last

SALONA is a multi- faceted Spinning Mill manufacturing, yarn, fabrics & apparels with 100% premium cotton combed yarn. Salona caters to a wide array of yarn counts. The commitment to produce quality products and to render satisfaction in delivery has made salona one of the leading manufacturer & supplier in the market. Since its inception Salona’s endeavor is to accomplish the finest quality of products and to deliver the best of the services. Salona has the best of advantages - the proficient team, the technically advanced machineries to cater to all the processes in the plant and the experience in the industry for over five decades. With these advantages, Salona’s experts help in the procurement of the best quality raw materials efforts and also to ameliorate the machinery periodically. Salona effectuates production of premium quality yarn to match global standards consistently.

Machinery Upgradation & Maintenance

Salona houses world class machinery procured from the leading giant manufacturers of textile machinery. Understanding the significance of machinery maintenance as an essential component to produce premium quality yarn. Our expert technicians conduct maintenance programs at regular intervals as per the directives proposed by the machinery manufacturers & the advice given by the Textile Research Institute. With the regular maintenance & preventive maintenance mechanisms in place the focus is to refrain from machinery breakdown. Salona takes pride in achieving 98% machine utilization & a higher degree of efficiency.

Humidification Plant

Salona has an Automatic Humidification plant supplied by Coimbatore ABC control system. The role of humidification plant is to maintain the RH factor. The relative humidity of the plant is maintained across all the processes of manufacturing to ensure consistency in tensile strength, elasticity & fibre diameter of the yarn. This controls the work pattern, sustaining the quality of yarn.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Salona

Beyond laws and regulations, Salona has a typical CSR in place incorporatring the social and environmental attributes creating an engaging workplace for the employees. Salona has an in-house training wing to conduct periodic training sessions to completely monitor & enhance the skills of the team. Leaders are assigned to different work streams. Leaders are engaged in important decisions to align them towards the organizational goals. Salona encourages team spirit & boosts the morale of the team by performance recognitions. Salona’s CSR program reflects in the reputation in the domestic & export markets for its consistent quality. As a part of Employee Care CSE Program, Salona assures a safe working environment with free accommodation, water & power supply. Food is offered at subsidized rates & free medical assistance is provided. A recreation center has been set up to cater to the leisure time activities.Safety of the employees engaged in the manufacturing processes is a major concern. Salona strictly adheres to all the safety regulations & legislations laid by the manufacturer and entertains safe operation of machines. The company also has a group insurance policy in effect to insure employees.

Marketing – Exports & Domestic

Salona’s premium quality Combed Hosiery Yarn & Knitted Fabrics has been appreciated and consumed both in domestic & international markets. Salona strictly observes the laws & regulations and abides by the ultimate practices of business ethics. Hence Salona’s products & services are esteemed & entertained by domestic & international customers from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, South Korea, Germany, Mexico, South America, Russia etc.,

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