Salona Group Yarn & Fabrics

Contamination Control

Contamination or impurities in cotton results in substandard yarn quality. Salona’s systems control contamination by employing contamination control at 2 major points during the production process - one at Blow Room & the other at Auto coner just before packing in cartons & bags. These processes completely eliminate contamination.

Apparel Styles are adorned by superior yarn

Salona has been into textile business for over 5 decades and has to its credit leading edge machinery & highly proficient staff. Salona produces high quality cotton and blend yarns suitable for hosiery, knitting & weaving. Our products are produced from the very best cotton and precisely blended in accordance to the Öekotex Standard to meet the customized requirements of the customers. Salona’s Superior yarn spells excellent tensile strength, complete yarn utilization from the spool and sheer uniformity in yarn.

  • Öekotex Standard to meet the customized requirements of the customers
  • Customers from India and several countries across the world
  • Yarns are of sheer quality, unparalleled white color and endure time

Product Range

First slide Ring Spin Yarn
100% cotton -Ne 20/1 -Ne 60/1 carded and combed.
First slide Compact Yarn
100% cotton -Ne 20/1 -Ne 60/1 combed.
First slide Open End Yarn
100% cotton -Ne 10/1 -Ne 30/1
Recycled Cotton -Ne 6/1 - Ne 30/1.
First slide Slub Yarn
100% cotton - Ne 20/1 - Ne 40/1 combed.
100% Viscose - Ne 24/1 - Ne 40/1
Cotton Viscose - Ne 20/1 - Ne 40/1
Cotton Polyster - Ne 20/1 - Ne 40/1
First slide Hank Yarn
100% cotton Carded Combed
Ring Spin -Ne 20/1 - Ne 120/1.
Open End -Ne 2/1 -Ne 30/2
Greige, Dyed, Gassed, Mercerised

Machinery Details?

Department Machinery
Mixing Blendomat - Trutzschler
Blow Room LMW(India) & Trutzschler(Germany)
Carding Trutzschler TCS and LMW 300A V3
Comber LMW LK 64
Drawing Reiter D35, D40
Simplex Zinger 68i and LMW
Ring Frame KTTM 240 & LMW -LR6, LR60AX
Compacting Elite Spindles from Suessen(Germany)
Slub Lakshmi Caipo
Auto Corner Schlahorst (Germany) and Muratec(Japan)
Yarn Contamination Cleaner Loepfe and Uster
Yarn Conditioning Sieger and ELGI
Fire and Foreign Particles Protection VETAL - Sorting & Detection Equipments for Contamination, Metal, Fire(Spark).
Knitting Pailuing (Taiwan)
Open end Oerlikon (Germany)

Discover the yarn difference

Salona yarns are of sheer quality, unparalleled white color and endure time. This unmatched quality has won the opportunity to supply to the most privileged groups. The superior quality yarns and fabrics are absolutely soft, skin friendly & pollutant free.

Complete customer satisfaction leads to loyalty

Our success is attributed to our quality ethics. Complete satisfaction in terms of product & services have made our customers loyal and recommend us to their society. Salona has loyal customers not only from India but from several countries across the world.

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